How To Add Your Digital Business Card to Google Wallet

Share your digital business cards in seconds with Google Wallet. Follow this guide to add your HiHello card to your Google Wallet.

Digital business cards have many positive attributes, including the ease of sharing multiple ways with anyone. Android users can add their HiHello cards to their Google Wallet. 

Follow this guide to learn how to add your HiHello digital business card to your Google Wallet. 

1. In the HiHello app, download your HiHello QR code. 

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Download your digital business cards QR code

2. Open Google Wallet and tap + Add to Wallet.

In Google Wallet tap Add to Wallet to add your digital business card

3. Select Photo from the list of options.

Select Photo from the options to add to your Google Wallet

4. Choose the download of your HiHello QR code and tap Next.

Select your QR code from photos and tap Next

5. Add a name and an optional description for your pass, then tap next. 

Create a name and description for your business card, then tap next

Once you’ve added your QR code to Google Wallet, you can tap it and quickly share your digital business card. 

View your digital business card in Google Wallet

Please note that since different Android devices have slightly different versions of Google Wallet, the steps for adding your card may differ. 

Learn about all of the ways you can share your digital business card in our complete guide to sharing.

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