HiHello Product Updates - August 2022

Learn about the latest features that HiHello added over the past few months. (Yes, you can now share your digital business card with Apple Wallet!)

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Hi, hello! 

We hope you had a great summer (or winter, depending on your location!).  HiHello experienced an exciting few months—our team has nearly doubled in size (and we’re still hiring), and we continued to add new features that will help you strengthen the power of your network.

The 3 features you might’ve missed in August 2022

Over the past few months, three new updates hit HiHello’s digital business cards. Whether you were on vacation, taking a break from work, or hit pause on networking, this is what you might’ve missed.

1. Add your card to Apple Wallet 

We heard you and are delighted to share that the highly-requested Apple Wallet integration is here! You can now seamlessly share your digital business card using your Apple Wallet—read our blog post to learn how:

2. Access your card’s features with a tap 

With all your card actions now in one place, accessing your digital business card is simpler than ever. When you tap your card on the iOS and Android apps, a new card menu will appear with options to edit, share, view, and test your card (along with other card-related settings). 

HiHello digital business card menu

3. Meet HiHello Enterprise 

HiHello Enterprise is our newest and most robust subscription plan yet. Designed for large organizations, HiHello Enterprise is the only digital business card platform of its kind with the architecture and capability to support enterprise-level customers. Interested in learning more? Contact HiHello’s Enterprise Sales Team.

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