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HiHello Enterprise is the trusted digital business card platform for large organizations. Learn why HiHello Enterprise is your company's modern digital business card solution.

Business cards are the foundation for building professional connections, and HiHello’s digital business cards reach across all industries and verticals. Last year we launched HiHello Business, which helped small-to-medium-sized businesses attract new customers, conduct seamless follow-ups, and represent their brand across all channels.

We are excited to announce that over the past year, we’ve built on that foundation to create a new platform for large organizations to create, manage, and distribute business cards digitally. A digital business card platform that not only exceeds industry security standards but one that can aid companies in terms of sustainability initiatives, marketing rebrands, and overall growth. 

Say hello to the most secure and robust digital business card platform for large organizations: HiHello Enterprise.

HiHello enterprise suite

What is HiHello Enterprise?

At HiHello, we’re building the tools to strengthen relationships and amplify the power of your network. HiHello has reimagined the humble business card and transformed it into a digital tool and software platform that allows enterprises to showcase a consistent brand identity across every interaction—in-person, on video, and over email.

HiHello Enterprise is designed for large organizations and is the only digital business card platform of its kind with the architecture and capability to support enterprise-level customers. Its robust administrative controls ensure adherence to brand guidelines while providing flexibility to support regional or departmental differences. With powerful native integrations, large organizations can create, manage, and distribute digital business cards—while collecting new leads—all within a single platform.

HiHello Enterprise features

HiHello Enterprise works across all platforms—iOS, Android, and the web—and comes ready to use with several advanced features and integrations, including:

  • On-brand digital business cards that can be shared with anyone, anywhere—no app is required to receive a card
  • Card templates to ensure brand consistency
  • Native Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory) integration for bulk provisioning of cards and users
  • Native integrations with leading CRMs
  • Company-branded virtual backgrounds
  • Professional email signatures with multiple designs 
  • Direct SSO integrations
  • Third-party integrations with Zapier
  • Card analytics, including direct integrations with leading analytics platforms
  • Support for multiple administrators and corporate divisions
  • Support for multiple languages
  • SOC 2 Type II certification
  • GDPR-ready

How would HiHello Enterprise benefit your business?

Sales and marketing leaders face several challenges, including (but not limited to) brand management, simplifying processes, promoting sustainability initiatives, and becoming industry trendsetters.

1. Simplifying brand management

Due to their size and multiple moving parts, enterprises often have difficulty maintaining a consistent brand identity. Whether you’re a company undergoing a rebrand, rolling out a new brand, or managing multiple brands, maintaining business cards is unnecessarily manual and time-consuming. 

With HiHello Enterprise, marketing leaders can manage brand requirements—while equipping their teams to bring the power of the brand into every interaction—within a single software platform. With controls that only specific people can make changes, your business cards will adhere to your brand guidelines while providing dynamic content that will help bring your brand to life. 

HiHello Enterprise includes tools that help maintain a consistent brand identity during online interactions, including virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, and professional email signatures. These robust features are also customized and managed at an admin level.

2. Automating processes by going digital

Ordering and re-ordering paper business cards are tedious for enterprises. And unfortunately, that process is usually a waste of time, resources, and money. 

By automating and digitizing your business card process, you are saving valuable resources while increasing your business card’s ROI with the ability to take direct action with the contacts your team makes. 

Automate card creation and distribution

Using HiHello Enterprise’s native Azure Active Directory integration, you can make and distribute digital business cards to your entire team within minutes. You can also assign varying access levels, enabling or disabling people to make edits to their cards.

Automate lead capture

HiHello Enterprise helps automate lead generation with native and third-party CRM integrations. When a team member shares their digital business card, their new connections information can be synced into your company’s CRM.

HiHello Enterprise supports several native integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Contacts. Additionally, HiHello Enterprise offers access to additional integrations via Zapier. These powerful integrations are simple to set up and allow you to sync your HiHello connections across both platforms, turning your contacts into leads and your leads into customers. 

3. Promoting sustainability initiatives

HiHello Enterprise empowers companies to meet sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals. Paper business cards have several environmental costs that are often overlooked—in fact, nearly 90% of paper business cards are thrown away within one week. 

Administrators can update HiHello cards in real-time, so when it’s time for a promotion or title change, administrators can update someone’s business card within a matter of seconds (and at no extra cost). HiHello Enterprise eliminates the need for paper cards to be printed and shipped entirely, improving your company’s carbon footprint.

4. Trailblazing new technology trends

Marc Andreesen—a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor—said, “Software is eating the world.” With societies’ increasing reliance on software, it’s essential to have the perception of being a modern company, and being the tech-forward leader in your industry will help set you apart from your competitors.

HiHello Enterprise provides the tools companies need to stay on brand while meeting the latest digital trends. Between HiHello’s mobile apps, the Apple Watch app, virtual backgrounds, and email signatures, you’re equipping your team to bring your brand into all interactions while showing customers that you are at the forefront of the latest technology.

Why choose HiHello Enterprise?

HiHello Enterprise is the most advanced platform of its kind regarding innovation, security, privacy, and customer success.

HiHello is at the forefront of innovation.

As one of the first digital business card platforms on the market, HiHello leads innovation in the space. With the enterprise customer in mind, HiHello Enterprise’s dedication to continuously innovating will help your company attract new customers while adhering to brand guidelines.

Take video, for example—HiHello is unique in supporting profile videos that can include sound. The profile area also supports Live Photos. Including a video or Live Photo as your profile picture helps bring your card to life and allows your team to present themselves uniquely and memorably. HiHello also supports in-line with YouTube videos, allowing you to feature promotional content directly on your card.

HiHello is the most secure business card platform.

HiHello is the only digital business card platform with SOC 2 Type II compliance. We use a third party to monitor over 120 controls continuously. We follow industry best practices in the software development lifecycle and encrypt all data in transit and at rest with strong encryption standards. We work with each customer to ensure we meet all security questions, and HiHello Enterprise customers—and potential customers—can access our live security report upon signing a non-disclosure agreement. Additionally, HiHello is GDPR-ready with the E.U.’s Standard Contractual Clauses.

We value your privacy and will never sell your data.

Privacy is of utmost importance to HiHello. We will never sell your data. You will always have access to your data and can delete your data at any point. We will work with your team to answer all your privacy questions, but in the meantime, read our Privacy Summary to learn more.

We’ll set you up for success.

With our experienced, capable, and rapidly-growing team, we have the resources to work with each HiHello Enterprise customer to ensure their needs and requirements are met during the security and privacy review process.

Each HiHello Enterprise account has a dedicated team to support enterprise-level processes and requirements. Our team will help you set up your account and lead your company through onboarding assistance training, so everyone knows how to use their cards to the fullest. You will also have a priority response for any questions that arise.

About HiHello

HiHello was founded in 2018 by Dr. Manu Kumar and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Dr. Kumar previously co-founded CardMunch, which LinkedIn acquired, and Carta, which today has over 1700 employees and over $200M in annual revenue. Dr. Kumar also founded K9 Ventures, a venture capital firm that invested in Lyft, Twilio, Auth0, LucidChart, Everlaw, and several other category-defining companies.

HiHello has completed three rounds of venture capital financing, raising a total of $10.5M from leading venture capital firms. K9 Ventures led HiHello’s Pre-Seed round, August Capital led its Seed round, and the Foundry Group led HiHello’s $7.5M Series A financing in 2021, with participation from Lux Capital and the founders and operators of several prominent Silicon Valley technology companies.

How do I learn more about HiHello Enterprise?

Ready to get started? HiHello Enterprise supports businesses with anywhere from 100 employees to hundreds of thousands. If you are interested in learning more about the Enterprise offering, please contact our enterprise sales team.

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