Top 5 Self-Introduction Tips for Business Networking at Conferences

Better introductions get better results. Learn how to make a better first impression with these five self-introduction tips.

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Post-COVID networking events have started seeing a rise in popularity. As more people attend these events, many realize that networking doesn’t always come naturally (especially after a few years on Zoom). From the introduction to maintaining a conversation and sharing contact information, networking can feel like a painstaking process. 

Starting your conversation on the right foot can be the difference between your next great connection and a horrible conversation. That first impression is essential. What you choose to say, your body language, and how you listen can make or break someone’s opinion of you, all within a few minutes. 

Perfect introductions aren’t reserved for social butterflies and experienced networkers. Anyone can master self-introduction with five simple steps. Keep reading to learn what those five steps are and how you can use them to become a better networker.

How to introduce yourself at networking events

the five self-introduction tips for networking

1. Know your audience 

A few days before heading into a networking event, set aside some time for research. Find out who will be attending, what industries will be present, and with whom you might want to connect. Once you have a general idea of who you might introduce yourself to, it will be easier to determine which talking points might spark conversation. 

2. Prepare a quick pitch

You’ve got a good idea of who you might be chatting with, so now it’s time to create an elevator pitch to introduce yourself. Your brief introduction helps people understand who you are, what you do, and what your value is in a few sentences. 

Your pitch shouldn’t feel like you are reciting your resume, be sure to stay true to your personality and keep things more conversational. This is also a great place to use your knowledge of the attendees. Try to gear this pitch to the event and the people who will be present. 

Remember, this is meant to be quick. So keep this to a few minutes tops. Then, once you’ve gotten through your quick introduction, it’s time to show interest in them. 

3. Ask a question

People love to talk about themselves, and while some may jump in on their own, others might need to be prompted. So be ready to ask them a question or two to get the conversation flowing. 

If you need some inspiration, start simple with questions about what they do and what brought them to the event. Then, try a few of our icebreaker questions for more ideas on keeping the conversation going. 

Ask questions to spark conversation and to foster deeper relationships
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4. Listen

Asking questions is an excellent start to strengthening a networking relationship, but you can’t just stop after asking the question. Now it’s time to listen. People want to feel heard, and this is the perfect opportunity to use your active listening skills to foster a deeper connection. Don’t forget to take a few notes to use for follow-ups later. 

5. Exchange business cards

You just had a great conversation and made a new connection, so don’t let that hard work go to waste. Be sure to exchange business cards so you can stay connected. Before you hand out your business card, make sure you’ve optimized it for conferences

Our favorite way to get a conference-ready business card is with HiHello digital business cards, which are the top-rated digital cards on the App Store and Google Play. Digital business cards are more environmentally friendly than their paper counterparts, more cost-effective, more customizable, easier to share, and you can create a card for every situation. 

Create a business card just for conferences

When you’re headed into a networking event, you should have a business card just for networking. Create a card that shows more than a company email and phone number. Add a more personal touch to your networking cards. Include a personal email, a photo, a link to your social media channels, and much more. 

Think you’ve mastered the art of self-introduction? Be sure to check out our 10 tips to improve business networking, and don’t forget to get your business card conference ready

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