What is a Digital Visiting Card? It’s 2024’s Greatest Networking Tool.

Digital visiting cards are used by everyone—from individuals to enterprise companies—all over the world. Learn what digital visiting cards are, why they’re important, and how to make and share your own.

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From the United States to India, visiting cards are used in over 180 countries across the globe for networking. For centuries, visiting cards have been used to exchange contact information, and this practice is as relevant as ever today. As social and professional networks continue to multiply, the art of exchanging business cards is ever-growing—a 2020 study found that in the United States alone, as many as 10 billion business cards are printed every year.

While staggering, that number only reflects a portion of visiting cards created. Over the past few years, a new trend emerged and is taking the world by storm—say hello to 2024’s greatest networking tool: the digital visiting card.

What is a digital visiting card?

A digital visiting card is the virtual version of a paper visiting card. Depending on your region, digital visiting cards are also known as digital business cards, smart business cards, mobile business cards, and electronic name cards. Digital cards often take the form of a mobile app. Once you download a digital business card app—we recommend HiHello, the top-rated visiting card app on the App Store and Google Play Store—you can create and share your visiting card straight from your phone. (HiHello also has a web app, if you prefer to use your computer for your business card needs.)

Example of a digital visiting card.

Why are digital visiting cards important?

Digital visiting cards are predicted to be the most effective networking tool in 2024. While there are several reasons why digital visiting cards are important, here are the top three:

1. Digital visiting cards can be sent and received by anyone, anywhere.

Previously, the only way to exchange business cards was by meeting in person. Digital cards are more accessible than their paper counterparts because they can be shared asynchronously with anyone, anywhere. To put it simply, if you have a smartphone or computer, you can make, send, and receive digital cards whenever and wherever you want.

2. Digital cards contain more information.

Gone are the days of being limited to what you could fit on a 2x3.5 inch piece of paper. Digital business card apps—like HiHello—allow you to include as much information as you’d like on your card. Not only can you include more information, but it’s also richer as well. HiHello’s digital cards contain interactive links, embedded YouTube videos, PDFs, badges, and more. Try adding one of those to a paper card (spoiler, you can’t!).

3. Digital business cards are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

What happens if your card has a typo, or you get a promotion? You have to replace your paper cards. Digital cards allow you to update your information in real-time—no need to ever order new cards ever again, which saves you time and money. This also lessens your environmental footprint—did you know over seven million trees are cut down each year solely for business cards? By going digital, you’re helping our climate one step at a time with the best eco-friendly business cards.

4. Get a better return on your investment. 

Virtual business cards have many features compared to traditional paper business cards, and with that comes the ability to increase sales efficiency, create compelling marketing, improve brand consistency, support event outreach, and more. 

HiHello found that sharing virtual business cards leads to a 7X increase in follow-ups, direct traffic for your website, social media, phone number, and much more. See the full breakdown in our ROI deep dive.

Where can I get a digital card?

There are several digital visiting card apps but we recommend HiHello. HiHello was one of the first visiting card platforms to hit the market and is used and trusted by millions of people, from individuals to Fortune 500 corporations.

Signing up for HiHello is quick, simple, and free. You can either create an account on HiHello’s website or download the mobile app on iOS or Android. The neat thing about HiHello is that—unlike other business card apps—when you sign up for HiHello you instantly get access to other useful networking features, like email signatures, virtual backgrounds, and a smart address book.

If you sign up for a HiHello account and decide you want to further personalize your card, take a look at HiHello’s digital visiting card subscriptions. There are affordable plans for both individuals and companies that give you access to even more features and customizations, like branded QR codes, custom links, digital visiting cards for the entire team, and more.

How do I make a digital visiting card?

As soon as you download the HiHello app, you begin making your card by adding your basic information, like your name, title, company, and a photo or video. Your card will be created, and then you can go in and customize it even more. Add a logo, social media handles, payment apps, your website, and more—HiHello will let you include whatever you want on your card. Wondering what to put on a business card? Check out this extensive guide to digital business cards.

How do I send a digital visiting card?

The method of sharing visiting cards varies from app to app, but with HiHello there are many different ways to send your digital business card, including:

  • QR code
  • Email
  • Text or SMS
  • Whatsapp
  • Copy link
  • NFC
  • Social media
  • Apple Watch

If you’re networking in person, the quickest way to share your visiting card is by using its QR code. To do this, simply pull up the Send screen and have the other person aim their camera at your code. If you’re networking at a distance, you can easily send your card using email, text message, or any other communication or social media platform, you can even make a virtual background for Zoom or Teams, and create a custom professional email signature.

How to send a digital visiting card.

While digital business cards are typically the smart choice over NFC cards, HiHello also offers a near-field communication (NFC) card sharing option. While some other business card apps charge you a premium for their NFC services, HiHello lets you create an NFC card for free, all you need is an NFC tag. 

Are business cards still relevant?

Yes, business cards are extremely relevant! Heading into 2024, digital visiting cards are predicted to be the leading networking tool because they’re innovative, easily accessible, and have a positive environmental impact.

As long as relationships exist, business cards will exist—don’t expect the visiting card to go away anytime soon.

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