What is a Virtual Business Card? 7 Benefits of Using a Business Card App

The world is going virtual. Your business card should be virtual too. Find out why virtual business cards are the best networking tool.

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As virtual business cards are becoming more prevalent, you may have heard the term, but do you know why are they are so popular? Networking continues to be a vital part of business, but paper business cards aren’t keeping up with the demands that modern networking requires. With more storage than traditional paper business cards, contact management, and multiple ways to share, there is no surprise people are going virtual. 

What is a virtual business card?

Like a traditional paper business card, virtual business cards, also known as digital business cards, virtual meeting cards, and mobile business cards, are the best way to share your contact information. But the similarities end there. Virtual business cards allow for more than a name, phone number, and email. You can add social media profiles, logos, pictures, videos, PDFs, and so much more. The flexibility offered by virtual business cards means no space constraints, and you can update your card at any time.

On top of being an all-around better business card, virtual business cards make contact management a breeze. By helping you organize contacts into groups, taking notes, and matching a name to a face, maintaining connections got a lot easier with virtual business cards. 

Example of a HiHello virtual business card

How do virtual business cards work?

Many virtual business cards offer different features, so finding the one that works for you is essential. HiHello is our top choice for a digital business card app, with more features than any competitor. It’s so easy to use you’ll be ready to network in just a few minutes. 

Using HiHello, you can create multiple virtual business cards to share with employers, colleagues, friends, family, or anyone else with whom you want to network. Once you decide who to share your card with, virtual business cards offer multiple ways to share QR codes, text, email, links, and more. HiHello’s smart address book feature makes contact management easy when someone shares their card with you. Groups let you keep track of contacts, while notes help you remember your conversations for easy follow-ups. HiHello can even remind you to reach out to new connections to help maintain those relationships. 

Can my company use virtual business cards?

Designing, ordering, and printing paper business cards for employees is a logistics nightmare for many companies. With high costs, typos, and delivery costs, paper business cards can leave you with a headache. Switching your team to virtual business cards means saving money and avoiding all of the annoyances that come with physical cards. If you’re interested in setting up your team with virtual business cards, contact HiHello’s sales team

Why choose virtual business cards?

If you aren’t already running to make your virtual business card, we have a few more reasons to swap out those wallet-sized pieces of paper.

1. Never forget your card at home.

Have you ever realized you forgot your business cards or just ran out when you met someone? But how often do you forget your phone? If you have your phone, laptop, or even Apple Watch, you can share your business card with anyone with virtual business cards. 

2. Save the trees.

Going paperless is becoming more popular, so why are people still printing business cards? Over seven million trees are cut down each year to print paper business cards, only 90% of them to be thrown away within a week of being exchanged. Switching to virtual business cards reduces a significant amount of wasted paper. 

Trees cut down for paper business cards.
Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

3. Save money.

The average person spends $194 each year on physical business cards. Switching to virtual business cards means you could share your card with anyone you want without spending a penny! 

Suppose you are looking for a more premium business card experience. In that case, HiHello offers digital business card subscriptions starting at $36 per year and premium plans for only $72, so you can still save money. HiHello even offers digital business card plans for teams and organizations.

4. Follow up seamlessly. 

Remembering to follow up with a connection can be difficult. Lost business cards, forgetting who you had that great conversation with, or failing to follow up leads to lost connections. When you switch to virtual business cards, follow-ups are easy. You can organize your new contacts into groups, set follow-up reminders, and add notes to remember important information. Better follow-ups mean stronger connections. 

5. Stay germ-free.

Whether you are networking virtually or in person, sharing contact information using a virtual business card means you never have to worry about germs. With a virtual business card, you can share via QR codes, text, email, link, and more, so you can swap business cards without contact. 

6. Leave an impression.

The most effective business cards make an impact, and virtual business cards are the best way to do that. Making your card unique is easy with HiHello. Select from multiple card designs and colors, and add your picture and logo to make your card match your brand. 

7. Organize contacts. 

You also get a self-healing address book when choosing HiHello for your virtual business cards. So not only can you group contacts, but live contacts will also automatically update when information changes. That means if a phone number, email, or something else changes, live contacts will correct the information, so everyone has the most current details. 

How to make a virtual business card?

Making virtual business cards is simple. Once you download a virtual business card app or open up your web browser, you are ready to create your first virtual business card.  

Follow these guides to make your HiHello virtual business card: 

How to share a virtual business card?

Once you’ve made a virtual business card, it’s time to share it. For the best sharing experience, we recommend HiHello, because it offers nine different ways to send cards. You can share via QR code, text, or email, send a link, share via Apple watch, create a widget on iOS or Android, use iMessage, create a virtual background for Zoom, use an email signature, or even share via NFC. You can even add your business card to Instagram, to create a powerful link in bio.

Send virtual business card QR code.

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