4 Things to Know about Business Cards in the UK

From price to size, here’s everything you need to know about business card trends in the United Kingdom.

With life returning to a new normal, networking events are back on the agenda and people are making business connections again. There’s an important tool coming into play in the United Kingdom (UK), and it’s taking a virtual twist on a paper classic: the business card. Digital business cards (also known as digital visiting cards) are quickly becoming a fan-favorite all across the world, from the US to the UK, from South America to India. People are switching from physical to online business cards for many reasons. Not only are they more sustainable, but digital cards also give you the ability to create and share contact information on the go. That’s right—no more printing, no more pockets full of old-fashioned paper cards post-conference. Whether you’re on the run (no literally—there are even digital business card Apple Watch apps!), back in the conference room or at a networking event, electronic cards provide you with the only business card you will ever need.

Where can I get cheap or free business cards?

Paper business cards—the kind you want to make that great first impression with—don’t come cheap. You trawl online for the best deal, then you have to finalise designs, choose paper stocks, embossing, borders, the list goes on. Right as you click “Submit” on the order, someone joins the company and needs business cards. And so the cycle begins again. 

Paper business card.
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Digital business cards transform this outdated process into something that better fits the twenty-first century. An app that we recommend is HiHello—HiHello is the top-rated digital business card app on the App Store and on Google Play, and turns creating and sharing business cards into a seamless experience. HiHello’s free online business cards offer you the chance to set up a digital business card in minutes. Choose from a range of colours, add your logo and include all the links to your business’ online offerings. No delays, no headaches and no more wasted paper

What size are business cards?

Paper business cards are 3.5 x 2 inches and let’s face it, that’s not much space. Paper cards are limiting and trying to make your card memorable is difficult. Their small size also makes them easy to forget or lose (and let’s admit it, you forget your business cards, you probably won’t remember them until you need them!). Digital business cards are on your phone and well, your phone is stuck to you 24/7.

With HiHello’s digital business cards you can add everything from personal information to custom links, videos, PDFs, and more social media links than Mark Zuckerberg to shake a laptop at. Need TikTok on your business card? HiHello has you covered! No size limits, no shrinking fonts to fit that word in and should you make a mistake (for example, the dreaded typo) you can correct it in real time.

How do I digitize my business card?

HiHello makes digitizing a business or visiting card easy. With HiHello you don’t need to be a graphic designer or a professional business card maker. Simply drop in your company logo (in a PNG format ideally), grab a professional photo, and add as much information as you’d like to your card. If you would like even more customization options when digitizing your visiting card, HiHello offers subscription plans at a low cost. 

HiHello’s business card template takes the headaches out of design choices and its handy colour dropper tool means you can match up those all important RGB values to your brand’s colours in one click. Your digital business card can include a photo of you or even a video where you give a little background on your business (think Dragon’s Den without the dragons).

HiHello digital visiting card

How do I send a digital business card?

You’ve set up your digital business card and now you’re ready to get out there and make some connections. Sharing or sending your digital visiting card is seamless with HiHello. There are multiple ways to share a HiHello digital business card, including using its QR code, emailing your business card, texting your business card, sending your card via WhatsApp, and more. HiHello’s widgets allow you to have your QR code handy for those in-person networking events. Want to send it via LinkedIn? Simply tap “Send Link”. Not in the room or met on Zoom? Share your card via email or text (and even keep your personal mobile phone number private).

Send a HiHello digital visiting card

HiHello’s focus is on connection and ensuring that people can exchange their details seamlessly in seconds. Oh and the people you share your card with can share their information back instantly, no app required. (Trust us and try out HiHello, it’s rated #1 for a reason!)

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