The Best Networking Tool for MWC 2024: Electronic Business Cards

MWC 2024 promises to be a must-attend event for anyone working in connectivity. How and where we connect has never been more important, and using an electronic business card is the best way to network for anyone attending this marquee event in Barcelona.

MWC 2024 Barcelona describes itself as “the largest and most influential connectivity event.” With how and where we work being more varied than ever, connectivity has never been more important for businesses. While there are many approaches to networking, one stands out: the electronic business card.

What exactly is MWC Barcelona?

MWC stands for Mobile World Congress and is a yearly trade show hosted by GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications). With an annual attendance of upwards of 88,500 people, device manufacturers, network equipment providers, representatives of wireless carriers, and the press descend on Barcelona for a week of keynotes, debates, and discussions about the future of connectivity.

What is the date for MWC 2024?

MWC is taking place between February 26, 2024, and February 29, 2024. During this time, some of the world’s most influential leaders in mobile communications will appear and deliver keynotes on issues including cybersecurity, fintech, education, entrepreneurship, and much more. Keynote speakers come from leaders at companies including Accenture, Alef Aeronautics,, Dell Technologies, Google DeepMind, Huawei, Microsoft, and more. 


What are the themes for MWC 2024?

Five different topics shaping tomorrow's technology will be explored under the Velocity umbrella at MWC24. The themes this year will be 5G and Beyond, Connecting Everything, Humanising AI, Manufacturing DX, Game Changers, and Our Digital DNA.

How do I network at MWC 2024?

MWC will provide an incredible opportunity to connect with thought leaders, change-makers, and disruptors in the mobile space. Networking at conferences continues to play an important role in forging relationships that lead to change, development, and, ultimately, revenue. The humble paper business card seems both antiquated and wasteful, especially when attending a conference that focuses on mobile. Given an electronic business card lives on your phone, it’s an essential tool to have at your fingertips as you meet with the great and the good at MWC. 

the best tool for networking at MWC 2024

Why should I use an electronic business card at MWC 2024?

Electronic business cards (also known as digital or virtual business cards) are the best and easiest way to network at MWC 2024. (Let’s be honest—using a digital card at a conference that focuses on the future of connectivity and mobile communications just makes sense!) Digital cards transform the way you network, meaning that you can spend more time focusing on what matters at MWC whilst your electronic business card acts as both a networking and lead collection tool.


When it comes to digital business cards, we recommend HiHello—HiHello is the leading business card app and allows you to create and share cards for free. HiHello’s electronic business cards are simple to set up, seamless to share, and you can connect with anyone from anywhere in the world via your phone. Simply put, this is a tool that you or your company can use to connect meaningfully with the people you meet in Barcelona.


Not convinced? Here are five reasons why electronic business cards are the best way to network at MWC 2024 in Barcelona.

1. Electronic business cards are easy to use.

Your mobile phone will be glued to you throughout your time at the conference, and rather than frantically printing off paper cards which you will have to remember to order, pack and then carry, why not have your business card where you will be doing business: on your phone.

‍2. Electronic cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Sharing a digital business card is far easier than sharing a paper one, especially for networking post-pandemic. With HiHello, you can share your digital business card via QR code, link, email, text, and more. (People with a digital business card subscription can even text their card while keeping their number private should they wish!) 


With this broad range of ways to share your digital business card, there is no reason why you can’t connect memorably with attendees in-person or remotely. You can also save your business card’s QR code to your phone or computer and embed it on slide decks, whitepapers, and advertising.

Worried about connectivity problems? You can share your Hihello card even without service.

3. Digital cards are convenient.

Electronic business cards are environmentally-friendly and exist on your phone. Think about it like this: if you leave the house without your phone, you are going back to get it. Conversely, if you forget your business cards, you probably won’t remember until the day MWC begins. If you find yourself in this predicament, you can create a digital business card on the fly with HiHello!

digital business cards are more environmentally friendly

4. NFC business cards create waste.

Near-Field Communication (NFC) business cards are of interest to some, but they are not as easy to share or as compatible with all phones. With spotty connectivity, it can be a little awkward tapping your plastic on someone’s phone and waiting for something to (maybe) happen. A truly digital business card lives on your phone, alongside all the other important apps you need for work. When it comes to networking at MWC you want reliability and a seamless experience, HiHello offers this.


However, if you’re interested in creating an NFC business card, HiHello offers NFC capability without the excessive markups from other NFC business card companies. With the free write-to NFC feature, all you need is an NFC tag to create your own NFC business card.

5. A digital business card is the only business card you will ever need.

Your virtual card can be altered in seconds and updated in real time, meaning you can change it on the fly. Need to showcase some company collateral, add a PDF, or launch a new ad? Embed a video on your card or upload a PDF. Want to book meetings in a few taps? Add your calendar link. Just make a typo? Fix it in seconds, and your card will immediately be up to date. 


6. You can prep the whole team.

If your entire team is heading to MWC, digital business cards make it easy for you to ensure everyone is ready to network. When you get your team set up with HiHello, you provide them with several powerful branding and contact-sharing tools, like eco-friendly digital business cards, professional email signatures, and virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. So they can be prepared for MWC and more.


Digital business cards better fit the twenty-first century. With 88,500+ attendees, 2,400 exhibitors from 202 countries and territories in attendance, a HiHello digital business card just makes sense. If you’re ready to create a business card for MWC24, you can download the HiHello app for free by scanning the QR code below (premium plans are also available if you'd like to further customize your card or set up your company):

Create a business card for MWC 2023
Scan the QR code to download the free HiHello app.

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